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General questions

In line with our project feedback philosophy, we encourage all feedback. Please contact us to discuss.

Fantastic! Please have a look at our Jobs page and contact us with more details on what you'd like to do.

Typical company questions

Companies work with Hillgate in order to find and contract with high quality independent consultants as easily as possible. Our goal is to use data science and technology to reduce the friction and increase the reach of your search process. We make it easy for companies to find great consultants and let you focus on more important tasks.

Companies of all sizes use Hillgate to find and engage highly qualified consultants who might be hard to find or even unreachable. The actual projects vary depending on the size, stage, and needs of the client. Some are a few days while others last six months. See our Case Studies or Projectspage for specific examples.

We've mapped out some of the keys statistics of our network here. Generally, Hillgaters have an MBA from a top business school and 5-10 years of experience at the top consulting, marketing, finance, and blue-chip companies.

Your contract is with Hillgate. We will provide standard Terms & Conditions for both companies and consultants, which includes a confidentiality agreement. We will also create a tailored project-specific contract for both parties.

The level of detail provided by clients varies; generally the more detail you can provide the better application information you will receive. When you post a project, we will ask you for the following details:
  • Understanding of the key skills and experience that you're looking for
  • Overview of your challenge and scope of the project
  • Expected deliverables
  • Project Duration (Estimated start date and length of the project)
  • Estimated time spend during the project (how many hours per week would you like the consultant to work with you)
  • Location and/or remote working options
  • Project budget
Our Create project function walks you through these details step by step and provides guidelines to help you. Please contact us if you have any questions as you set up the project.

There is no fee for posting a project. Charges are only applicable after you have interviewed and chosen the consultant(s) you would like to work with.

We will always need the project specifics to find you a Hillgater. It typically takes 10-15 minutes to set up the project. If you are short on time, please contact us with your brief and we'll help you through the process.

Once you've posted your project, you'll typically receive the first application within 48 hours. As soon as you see an application that is a great fit, you can interview and choose a consultant so the whole process can be complete in under a week if needed. On average, it takes companies two weeks to review applications, complete interviews, sign the contract and start working with the Hillgater.

If you still need the same profile then no problem; pick the best consultants from the applications. When you interview them, you are welcome to renegotiate price and scope as appropriate. Please note that Hillgate's fee is added to the consultant's requested project fee on your project dashboard and in the application. If you do discuss fees with the consultant, please be sure to factor in and negotiate on the consultant's fee exclusive the Hillgate fee. Hillgate's fee will be added to the fee agreed to with a consultant.

Hillgate takes a percentage of the gross fee (excl VAT) and pays the consultant directly.

We're keen to make sure that all parties are happy with the project progression and will check in with you and the Hillgater periodically throughout the project and at the end to collect feedback.

The company and the consultant manage the relationship according to both their needs. Projects can be completed on-site, remotely or a combination of both. The most successful relationships usually involve very clear communications guidelines and deliverable dates and should be agreed to prior to starting the project.

We'll check-in throughout the project to make sure that both you and the Hillgater are happy with the project's progress. Please contact us immediately if anything happens and we'll help resolve the situation.

Great! This happens on many projects. Please contact us and we'll arrange that directly with you.

Typical consultant questions

Hillgate aims to reduce the friction involved in finding clients. We do the business development so that you don't have to. In addition, we're working on additional offerings to make it easier for you to execute on projects. Sign up to be the first to hear when they are launched.

Most companies wait until the project deadline to review all the applications. However, you might be contacted for an interview prior to the deadline. You will hear back as soon as a decision has been made regarding your application.

We ask companies to set a realistic time between the application deadline and project start date to complete interviews and sign contracts so that you can start on or around the project start date. Sometimes the timelines will vary and we encourage companies to update you on with feedback timely, either directly or via the Hillgate team. If you haven't heard anything, please contact us on info@hillgateconnect.com.

Yes, you are welcome to (re)negotiate price and scope with the client if appropriate. Please note that Hillgate's fee is added to your stated fee. If you do discuss fees, please be sure to state that your number excludes the Hillgate fee.

Every project includes the key skills and experience that the company will base their decision on. In our experience, the chosen consultant fits more than 75% of the listed criteria, and 100% of the must-haves. The best strategy is to apply for projects where you fit these criteria.

Unfortunately those projects are now closed. They are either in the final stages of interview/contract negotiation or already have a consultant working to deliver the project.

Each company has a different budget available. We do provide benchmarks to companies and also analyse available budgets to ensure that companies are compensating the consultants they work with fairly. If you quote a higher rate than the listed budget, then please provide a detailed explanation why you did so in your application.

For projects that are due to last less than a month, payment will be processed as soon as we have confirmation that you have successfully completed the project. For projects that last more than a month, you'll be paid 25% of your expected fee upfront and the balance upon successful completion. All payments are processed within 14 days.

Absolutely! We believe that feedback is key for your continued progression and aim to gather feedback on every completed project. If you would like direct feedback from the client, we can help to arrange a feedback meeting with them.